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First, let's not kid ourselves, there's not much rock taller than 6 ft. in Southern Maine. I wandered all around York throughout my youth. I didn't do more than scramble then, but I still remember where most of the rocks tall enough to climb on were. I have since revisted these areas and here is the information I was able to gather.

None of these areas are destinations of any sort, but if you're in the area and need a climbing fix, here's some information that may provide useful. I lost one digital camera (and almost two) to the sea and rocks in the making of these pages. I don't live anywhere near York anymore and only visit occasionally. Therefore this information is as complete as it can be under those circumstances.



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Disclaimer: you could be hurt, maimed, or killed attempting the stunts described in this webiste. Jason Nelson is no way responsible for you doing stupid things as a result of reading this informaton, nor even if it is an accident. Any person that would even think of sueing a landowner for getting hurt on their property, or a publisher for sharing information, deserves to rot in hell This sport is dangerous, that's why we do it..